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I've been drawing since I was very young. Just about every child draws but at an early age I began to get responses from the adults in my life which indicated to me that perhaps my drawings were special.

I began with super heroes from my Marvel comic book collection. I thought I might become a comic book illustrator. But in my late teens switched over to portraiture and began to explore the style I employ today.

I took art classes in high school and college but all went dormant for a while. In fact, I did not put a drawing pencil to paper for many years. Several years ago I started to draw again in earnest and today I always have a work in progress.

The artwork on display here is graphite (pencil) on 14 x 17 or 18 x 24 paper. I work in a "photorealist" style similar to artists Chuck Close and Robert Bechtle who use photographs as reference material. These works are all hand drawn and are not conversions from photos using any software rendering techniques, i.e. Photoshop. Each drawing takes many hours to complete.

I take commissions... I can work from photos supplied by you but my preference is to schedule a photo session and then work from my own digital photographs. This insures a completely "original" work. Additionally, I can produce detailed drawings from historical photographs.

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Estragon and Vladimir


Lakota Woman